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At opcs we pride ourselves in supplying website designs which meet your specifications. Using our varied skills set we can provide both dynamic and static website developments to meet your budget.

What is a static development?

By "static development" we mean a website which you can't easily change yourself, at least not without getting elbow deep in editing the site code. We can of course make changes on your behalf although we do charge for this.

These tend to be cheaper because they don't take us long to create.

We'd recommend this option if you don't plan on making changes to your site very often.

Click here for a page of screenshots of static web pages we've done.

What is a dynamic development?

When we say "dynamic development", we mean a website which has a management panel allowing you to change any or all of the content on the website.

These cost more to develop but are much cheaper in the long run if you intend doing a lot of changes because you can do them quickly and easily yourself without having to worry about learning HTML development.

Click here for a page of screenshots of dynamic web pages we've done.


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Skills Set 

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Below is a list of web designs we have been contracted to perform for various clients.

No11 Brunswick St. Boutique Hotel & Brasserie

No11 Brunswick Street is a Joomla development requiring a customised template & integrated booking with an eye to future functionality.

Because the site is built with Joomla, it includes easy content management allowing the client to make changes whenever the situation requires. Joomla also has a wealth of third party components making future functional changes a simpler prospect.

The screenshots show both the front end design of the site as well as some of the administration area.

Lynn Hanley - Edinburgh based Artist

The website for Lynn Hanley is an eBitions site where we custom built a new products system into the back end making it easier to add and remove items for sale on the Store page.

Because eBitions is our in-house content management system, we could use our expertise to complete the project in a timely manner.

Our favourite feature however is something Lynn produced for us. The litle characters you see at the bottom right of the pages in the site where especially commisioned for the site and brings a whole level of personalisation.

Blossom Beauty

Blossom Beauty is a salon in Bruntfield, Edinburgh who provide beauty treatments!


The site is running on our in-house content management system eBitions.

Just Garage Doors

Just Garage Doors is the internet only arm of our good friends at The Door Depot.

They decided to start a new enterprise and within a year (and in keeping with the theme, Just!) Just Garage Doors was trading.

Chalet Ecosse

Chalet Ecosse is a holiday home for rent situated close to the Swiss border in the French Alps.

This is a managed eBitions based website.

Click here to view.


Gordon J Cheape

Gordon J Cheape is the portfolio website of Edinburgh based artist Gordon J Cheape

The site is build using a CMS giving a fully dynamic site with a back-end where the owner can change any of the content on the site. From images, to individual web pages.

The system, called eBitions, is written by us in PHP/HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Click here to visit.


Event VC

Event-VC is a small website offering video teleconferencing equipment for rent.

This is a small "business card" site showing details of the company and the services offered.

The site is a static development written in HTML/CSS

Click here to visit.



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* Sites which have been redesigned or gone offline.


Legal Bit

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